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Trends of Future Passed

Posted on the 19 January 2020 by Worldwide @thedomains

Looking back of past “future” trends

Many domain investors stake their claim in the areas of future trends and technologies. Whether it be vr, ar, ai, autonomous vehicles, defi, crypto, etc..

The debates then rage on domain forums about what will succeed and what will fail?

Rebecca Sentance wrote an article on that looks back at the past decades hype and failures. The article is worth a read in my opinion from a couple standpoints.

First it provides a good look back to trends you already may have invested in. Where they are and why they stalled or failed.

Secondly I believe you can view some of the new shiny trends being bandied about today through the lens of the prior decade.

QR Codes

QR codes are still around in a limited form – you see them on a lot of food packaging, and in our loyalty apps and mobile passbooks – and there’s been talk of a potential comeback, but ultimately their gimmicky, pointless reputation has proven difficult to shake. We probably won’t see QR codes making a sudden comeback at any time in the 2020s.

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