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Trends In Commercial Lighting

By Trendoffice @trendoffice

Lighting is a vital component to our everyday lives and for businesses it is also very important for creating attractive spaces with modern clean lighting landscapes that are easily controlled. At the same time lighting has to be safe and we, as designers, are responsible for that while also working toward sustainability goals and follow all the new technologies and trends. What are they?

- The move towards LED lightingLED lights today are the top choice for many architects and developers for a number of reasons - they are able to deliver superior lightning quality and also companies can take advantage of the energy savings. But applyinglighting controls can generate typical energy savings of 35 to 45 percent in commercial and institutional buildings.

  • Featuring daylight and occupancy sensors, Crestron’s new lighting control solution for commercial lighting Zum can also easily detect when lit rooms are vacant, and respond by shutting off the lights to conserve energy. 
  • - The ability for complete control over lighting experiences. Lighting control systems create automation solutions that transform the way people live their lives and in commercial spaces they can improve user experience. An example of this includes controlling lighting scenes or even tunable color lights.
  • Trends In Commercial Lighting

  • - Wireless systems are gaining ground. It is easy to retrofit existing facilities and homes with wireless technology.
  • Trends In Commercial Lighting

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  • And something very important:
  • - Lighting that can improve health and wellbeing. Research has suggested a link between the body’s natural circadian rhythm and stress reduction. For hospitals, for example, an advanced lighting solution like Crestron circadian lighting and lighting control can help patients in their healing process, creates a more soothing environment for everyone and is adaptable and easy to use and manage for staff. 


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