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Trending: The Envelope Skort

By Aishly Tromp @AishlyTrompxo
The "Blogger" Skort. If you follow a lot of fashion blogs, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't..well that's why this post is up to explain. This skirt has got to be one of the top selling items at Zara. I first saw this skort {= appearance of a skirt but in reality they're shorts} at Zara stores in early April and since then, more and more stores started carrying this hot item. Not to mention, a lot of bloggers are wearing this and it immediately became the trending item for the Spring/Summer season. I think what people like most about this skort is the asymmetrical cut and how this conveniently looks like a cute skirt. I've been debating if I should get this hot item or not. I know they will be sold out soon enough and then I might wonder "what if?" I just hate when that happens {and trust me, it happens a lot}. So my mission this week, is to try them on and then decide if I really like the trend or not. Then comes the hard part...the color! After color, I also have to decide if I want to buy the original one from Zara or if I should keep my options open and look at other stores/websites. What do you think about the "blogger skort"? Do you love it or hate it? Xo!
Trending: The Envelope Skort
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