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Trending: Suede

By Aishly Tromp @AishlyTrompxo
This trend is the epitome of the pre-fall/fall season. Yes yes, I know it's still summer {in most parts of the world} but we are seeing fall items at stores already- suede items included. I've always been a fan of suede shoes but I was never into it when it came to clothing or accessories.
Well my my how do the times change cause I'm currently craving a suede skirt and just recently got a suede Tee from Necessary Clothing. Here are just a few of the many many suede pieces retailers and designer names are offering. I'm definitely on board with this trend! What are your thoughts on suede? xo
Trending: suede
Bag: Kate Spade | Dress: H&M | | Top: Necessary Clothing 
Skirt: Zara | Shoes: Steve Madden

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