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Trend: DIY Design and PRODUCE!

By Trendoffice @trendoffice

Today, with the rise of automated manufacturing machines and the access to cheap and intuitive 3D programs, the quest for customization becomes a reality. Industrial designer Samuel Nelson Bernier has created a new DIY tool, Project RE_that lets people modify products and, using low-cost 3D printing, to increase the value of a broken or unused object by giving it a new function or a new form. One can create customised lids that can be screwed or clipped onto standard jars, cans and bottles.

Project RE_ experiment is based on the open source principles and on the successful business model of Instructables, an international DIY community owned by Autodesk. Project RE_ also studies upcycling as a new urban aesthetic and presents do-it-yourself projects designed by Samuel N. Bernier*, founder of the blog. All 3D printing files and laser cutting files will be published on Thingiverse. Trend: DIY Design and PRODUCE!
Trend: DIY Design and PRODUCE!
Trend: DIY Design and PRODUCE! This is research/manual for DIYers and hackers.
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