Trello Deletes Russian Accounts: 7 Analogues That Work and Are No Worse

Posted on the 12 July 2023 by Top10
Trello deletes Russian accounts: 7 analogues that work and are no worse

Interaction, visibility of tasks and smooth processes are the most important criteria for successful teamwork. To achieve everything at once will help a universal service for automating corporate projects, which works stably and, of course, supports the Russian language. If your team or company has decided to switch from foreign solutions that are unsafe under sanctions, then I offer a fresh selection of mainly domestic platforms that simplify team communication. By the way, following Slack, now Trello has started deleting Russian accounts, so it's time to choose a convenient alternative, especially since our developers have tools that are much more powerful and interesting than any foreign ones.


WEEEK is an extremely concise in terms of interface and a very advanced project management system in terms of functionality. Unlike Trello, it's not just a kanban tool with only boards and cards. Here, workspaces with projects and tasks, a knowledge base, CRM (business optimization, customer relationship management) and analytics are successfully combined in one place. The service allows you to easily control a large number of projects, monitor the progress of work, create your own templates for boards and flexibly customize structures for any process.

For complex projects, WEEK presents multi-level tasks and priority statuses. Whiteboard columns can be automated to minimize repetitive actions. Among the nice features are a dark theme, hotkeys and notifications literally anywhere, from email to a branded application or even Telegram. Available add-ons and integrations are included in the free plan.

✅ What the paid plan gives: connection up to 10 users, unlimited projects, unlimited whiteboards, unlimited documents in the knowledge base, 10 funnels in CRM.


Trello Deletes Russian Accounts: Analogues That Work Worse

YouGile is focused exclusively on work according to the Agile methodology, when the organization of projects is divided into iterations (sprints) with constant adaptation and improvement of the plan throughout the implementation. From the visual side, the service is as clear as possible - projects, columns, tasks, the board interface resembles tabs in a browser. The team can be distributed in detail by departments and sub-departments, and at the right time, employees can create a report in a few clicks using ready-made filters.

Each issue in YouGile is automatically deployed in a chat format: the method is very obvious, it is so convenient to keep track of changes, conduct discussions and attach attachments. Cards can be supplemented with checklists to highlight stages or subtasks. Finally, the main feature of YouGile is the most detailed setting of rights and roles in the project. The function includes different access options, permission or prohibition of viewing certain elements, even custom roles are provided (for example, "contractor" or "external partner").

✅ What gives a paid tariff: an increase in the number of users.

"Kaiten" (Kaiten)

Trello Deletes Russian Accounts: Analogues That Work Worse

"Kaiten" is a curious kanban-style project manager that almost directly copies Trello. The service helps to visualize the workflow, organize data by projects, distribute workload and monitor team productivity through statuses. In addition to the usual boards, Kaiten can also show tasks in the form of a table (it is even possible to download it as a designed xlss file), a timeline (free tracking of deadlines) and a calendar grid (ideal if you need to schedule many tasks with specific deadlines).

To highlight the types of tasks and highlight signals in the space, "Kaiten" has labels, tags and labels. With the help of child and parent cards, tasks can be organized based on relationships. In addition, automatic Agile reporting at any time is offered with data such as cycle times, burnout schedules, and employee speed. Like WEEEK, Kaiten implemented notifications for every taste - through the application, and through email, and through Telegram.

✅ What the paid plan gives: 2-6 additional modules to choose from (including all modules in the Enterprise plan), creating cards via mail, Telegram or online form, Telegram bot, timer and time tracking in the card, up to 15 automation actions, sprints , sprint reports, WIP limits, kanban charts, stale cards, Gantt chart, task allocation, employee workload planning.


Trello Deletes Russian Accounts: Analogues That Work Worse

Projecto looks like a real task-combine for automating teamwork, project management and document flow combing. In a single widget section, you can view all cases at once - lists of projects and events, current tasks for those responsible, the readiness of the nearest goals with a progress bar, including permanent documents at hand and just the thoughts of the team related to the development of activities. The screen is fully customizable, so it can be perfectly "fitted" depending on the importance of the blocks for the manager.

The developers of Projecto have no intention of putting the team in the framework of some kind of rigid production approaches that require compliance with the rules at every step. The company has focused on intelligent design and versatility of the system. Manage projects, distribute tasks by statuses, roles and dates, build a personal tag structure, check reports, activity history and statistics, perform end-to-end search. Kanban, Gantt charts or a standard calendar - the choice of display formats is also quite pleasing.

✅ What the paid plan gives: unlimited number of users and tasks, technical support by phone and via Telegram, free updates, regular backups.

"Pyrus" (Pyrus)

Trello Deletes Russian Accounts: Analogues That Work Worse

Pyrus attracts attention primarily due to the absence of serious restrictions in the free version. At your disposal is the connection of any number of users, the creation of an unlimited number of tasks and full project management (lists, kanban boards, calendar, tracking of time spent, links between tasks). In addition, a few more strong pluses are a built-in business messenger, integration with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage, 256-bit AES and SSL / TLS encryption. But you can only store files within 1 GB.

Pyrus comes pre-configured with forms to speed up your day-to-day tasks, whether it's a memo, vacation request, payment approval, supplier agreement, or lease agreement. Based on the settings, you can create your own process template and thereby automate it. The service's global search finds tasks by titles, employees, keywords, attached files, products, account numbers, and other attributes specified inside the card.

✅ What the paid plan gives: visual business process designer, routing based on business rules, process dashboards for managers, synchronization of directories from external systems, integration of third-party services, platform extension through API and bots, authentication through Active Directory and G Suite, priority support, unlimited forms, up to 100GB file storage.

Other project managers

  • Shtab is a young cloud service that has been developed over the past 3 years and is no longer inferior to its competitors. What is offered: setting up teams, tasks, rooms for sorting projects or branches, progress monitoring, time tracking, summary analytics, unlimited number of statuses. Coming soon - native financial management. Cost: free for up to 5 users with restrictions and from 95 rubles per user per month when paid annually.
  • Yandex Tracker (Yandex Tracker) is a manager for collaboration and organization of processes based on Yandex Cloud, suitable for both small teams and large companies. What it offers: Agile planner, workflow, advertising materials dashboard, HR processes, task automation through triggers, auto-updates and macros, fault tolerance. Cost: free for up to 5 users and from 279 rubles per user per month.

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