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Tree Following - Suckers

By Ozhene @papaver

I have been following my quince trees for five years (yes five) and they have not moved one inch in all that time. Now, suddenly, I have reason to believe that Quince Major is making a bid for freedom.

Tree following - suckers

I realised whilst mowing the grass around the quince trees the other day that there were little treelets appearing.

Tree following - suckers

I knelt down on the ground to look at them more closely. They looked like little quince trees to me.

Tree following - suckers

and there were quite a few. The more I looked the more I realised I was looking at suckers from the trees roots. Suckers are not the best of things to have as they will take some energy from the main tree.

Dear reader, I mowed them.

Before I mowed them though,

Tree following - suckers

I pulled up one of the roots from the ground.

Tree following - suckers

and planted them up into pots. Well why not I thought, it might be the start of my own quince forest..... or they might get bonsaied...... or.....

More followed trees can be found c/o Squirrelbasket who kindly hosts this meme.

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