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Tree Fern Or Telegraph Pole ?

By Gardenerforallseasons @hoehoegrow
The Exotic Gardener (aka my partner) is celebrating his birthday today with a very apt present, which he chose himself a couple of days ago. He is partial to the exotics - palms, Tree Ferns, cordylines  etc - and wanted a new edition to his sub tropical garden
Across the great divide of the River Humber is a nursery which sells just what his heart desires, so we went along and he chose a whopper of a Tree Fern. When I asked if it would fit in our hearse-like estate car, his affirmative reply was not delivered with confidence, but with a bit of a squeak!
We made an interesting addition to the queue for the till -  him, me, a strong assistant and a horizontal tree fern on a trolley ! A couple standing behind us prodded it gingerly with their fingers, and enquired if it was alive or dead. Then I heard the man say, under his breath, that it looked more like a telegraph pole than a tree. I see just where he is coming from !
I then became intensely interested in a stand of birthday cards, until I saw from the relieved expression on the strong lad's face that the Tree Fern had actually fitted into the car. It may have fitted into the car, but I did not. I spent an uncomfortable journey home being sandpapered by the trunk every time the car braked, and squeezed into a ridiculously small space every time we cornered. Finally we arrived home and that is where the fun really began!
Tree Fern or telegraph pole ?
Yes, this is how we transported it , with one pushing whilst the other steadied ... and, yes, it is heavy !
Tree Fern or telegraph pole ?
I had a stroke of genius and positioned the little wheeled pot-stand for it to travel on, to its temporary destination. The idea was good, the pot stand was weak, and it collapsed straight away under the weight .
Also note, photo- bombing by dog number 1, while dog number 2 was hovering about behind us, hoping we would step backwards and trip over him.
Tree Fern or telegraph pole ?
At last, here it is in its temporary position, as, when all risk of frost has gone, we somehow have to get it all the way down the garden .
Tree Fern or telegraph pole ?
But, just look at the fronds on that ...
Tree Fern or telegraph pole ?
And just look at the Tree Fern dust in that ...Tree Fern or telegraph pole ?
Take it from me, the birthday boy had to give the car an extra long birthday hoover ...
Still think a telegraph pole would have been easier !

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