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Treasures from My Aunt

By Boiseartist
Treasures from my Aunt
This little metal book is only one inch, with a working hinge and clasp.
Treasures from my Aunt
 Inside are some wonderful old photos from Europe.
Treasures from my Aunt
I called me Aunt to find out the story behind it. She said there was no story. She had purchased it as a souvenir years ago on one of her travels.
Treasures from my Aunt
Also, in the package was some old money that she said no longer had any value and that I could use  it in my art.
I noticed Pesos and Centavos from Japan. That was odd. So I looked them up. Those were from  Japanese Occupied Philippines during WWII.  My uncle, who is still alive was stationed there. He was invited back in 1955 as a guest of the state. My aunt said they sat on the front row and she remembered she wore a yellow dress which just happened to be the favorite color of one of the dignitaries and my aunt was recognized for wearing yellow!
Treasures from my Aunt
 There was also money bought by my uncle's father as an investment. Due to Hyperinflation in the Weimer Republic 
Treasures from my Aunt
...he lost all of his money.
There was even a mental disorder linked with this collapse of the money called Zero Stroke, people would just write endless rows of zeros. It is hard to fathom just how much the money devalued it went from one to one trillion paper marks per gold mark!
It was quite fascinating to research and find out some history I was not aware of, I was also glad I had the chance to talk to my aunt.
I have yet to decide how to incorporate the money into an art project. If you have any ideas please comment.

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