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Traveling With Your Gun – International Laws

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Traveling With Your International Laws

Carrying a gun is a personal choice for a person. Depending on the country you live in there are certain rules that apply to carrying a gun. This also means there are certain precautions to take when traveling internationally. Our friends at are the leading authority for anyone looking for global retirement or relocation opportunities. We thank them for sharing several helpful tips on Gun Laws By Country.

One thought to consider is that gun laws are not the same around the world. "If you are a gun owner and hope to bring your firearms when you move overseas, or, perhaps purchase some when you arrive, you must consider the laws regarding gun ownership and importation," says Jason Holland, IL editor and author of the report.

Let us look at Mexico Gun Laws. According to the research, Mexican citizens and foreigners with temporary or permanent residence status may have one small-caliber handgun that is intended for self-defense in the home. They may also have up to nine rifles if they are a registered member of a hunting or shooting club. Firearms must be registered with the Mexican army, which also runs the only store to purchase guns in the country. To import a gun, you must receive a permit first. To receive a permit, you must meet several requirements, including a criminal record free of gun violence, mental health evaluation, and clean drug test.

France Gun Laws: In general, only sport shooters or hunters may possess firearms, such as shotguns and rifles, with a license. Citizens and foreigners with a residence visa are eligible. To obtain a permit, a medical certificate must submitted, have no felony convictions, and take shooting lessons. No handguns are allowed in France. Folks are allowed to import sporting guns with a permit and customs declaration though.

Let's us look at gun laws for Spain: To possess a gun in Spain, a background check must be passed, as well as a psychological and medical test that is done every year. Note, that there is also a practical and theoretical exam to take as well, and you must be a citizen or legal resident. Licenses are generally given for sport shooting and hunting and allow up to six shotguns and 10 handguns. There is no limit on the number of rifles. Owning a handgun for self-defense is allowed when in verifiable danger.

As you can see the requirements will vary. The best advise when consider owning a gun abroad is check local requirements. You can find more on Gun Laws By Country via this link.

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