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Traveling with Pets: Things You Need to Consider

By Robin Salvador @vinzsalvador23

Your pet is your family and concern for their welfare is natural. More so when you are travelling as you know that it would be a new environment for them and you wouldn't want your pet companion to suffer from anxiety or pain. One good idea would be to have CBD oil along with you as it has been proven to be an anxiety and strain buster. At the same time, you would also have to be mindful of not disturbing other neighbors on your trips, be mindful of any local restrictions. You also need to ensure that you have packed all that would be required for your pet on the trip. All this needs a lot of planning and it starts even before your trip starts. Here are some tips that would perhaps help you plan your trip along with your pet well.

Packing before the trip

This is extremely important, especially when you are traveling to a place you have not traveled to before. You wouldn't be knowing whether you would get a pet shop near that place and hence you should plan to bring enough of the things that are required and should last for the duration of the trip. Get lots of extra food and a collapsible water bowl. The water bowl is essential to provide hydration to your pet when required. Also, be mindful of the weather of the place you are traveling too. You would need blankets if you are traveling to a place that's cold and cooling-off vests if the place would be hot.


If you are flying or traveling by train, you would need to reserve a place for your pet. On flights, there are restrictions on the number of pets they would allow on the flight. If you are taking the train, make sure whether local regulations allow your pets to accompany you. If yes, check whether they can travel with you or whether there are separate carriages for pets. On a flight or on a train where there are provisions for separate carriages for pets, you would need to get information on the crate or carrier dimensions and also about what the marking requirements are for the crates. If you would book yourself into a hotel, ensure whether the place allows pets and read up reviews of other travelers to find whether the place is pet-friendly or not.

Traveling by Car

If you are driving, then it is important to get your pet familiarized with driving conditions. A long drive usually means a couple of hours of cramped sitting and your pet wouldn't be able to move around. It is a good idea to get your pet used to the conditions by taking your pet around in the car on a few short trips around your locality before the day of the actual trip. Do note that a harness is an absolute requirement on your car trip or else you might risk injury of your pet due to any sudden movements or swerve, es. Feed your pet well before the trip and keep your car environment cooled so that the pet doesn't suffer from traveling sickness.

During Travel

It is essential to keep your pet calm and not feel stressed out. Usually, pets have an uncanny ability to regulate their body temperatures and therefore adjust to their surroundings. Normally, medicines aren't recommended. However, if you think that your pet might suffer from anxiety, it might be a good idea to provide a dose of CBD oil. They usually have no psychotic effects and have been proven to relieve anxiety. However, please do consult your veterinarian on ideal dosage before administering CBD Oil for dog.

At the Hotel

If you are at any point in time going out of your room without your pet, there are a few prior precautions that you should take. Firstly, do spend some time with your pet once you are in your room. This would get them acclimatized to the room conditions in a foreign place. It might also be a good practice to request a room that's away from the elevator. Footfall sounds may unnecessarily agitate your pet. Also, ensure that you set up a place with blankets and water bowls so that your pet can feel comfortable and also stay hydrated. And when leaving, do put up the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door so that anyone from the housekeeping service doesn't suddenly scare your pet.

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Traveling with Pets: Things You Need to Consider

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