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Travel Inspiration – Pyramid

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Travel Inspiration – Pyramid

I found this image today and I could not help but wonder what the man in the image was thinking as he sat on this rock totally enthralled with the activities taking place near the pyramid.

How could anyone not be inspired by them? After all, they were created with rudimentary tools and designs by man's own hand.

The architecture that went into building the pyramid is almost surreal, somewhat mystical and magical at the very same time. Humans today cannot even begin to comprehend the concept of what goes into to making a monument like this because we simply rely on technology to do everything.

I can only assume what he was thinking, but I know if it were me, I would be thinking to myself, "What would happen if we had to go back to this time period when there was no tools or electricity to help us build? A chilling yet interesting thought to ponder while sitting on a rock at the base of a pyramid, don't you agree?

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