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Travel Hacking - Tip #20 – Free Airport Lounge Access

By Quickroute @quickroute
With traffic and security issues, I like to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare these days. This means I spend more time waiting for a flight than I would normally like so I prefer to wait in comfort. I don’t travel in business or first class as much as I used to, but I did get to use the airport lounges for free twice this year thanks to this simple hack and now so can you by following these simple steps.
Travel Hacking - Tip #20 – Free Airport Lounge Access
1.Click here
2.Enter invite code ‘CHASEINK’
3.Complete and register any Visa or Mastercard credit card
Upon completion - You get 2 complimentary passes to an airport lounge and the option to pay $27 for additional passes. Simple – No Brainer – No Strings attached!
Note: They send you a card which is valid for a year with option to bring one guest on each visit so when it is due to expire just sign up your better half to get another year for free.
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