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Travel Day

By Blondie @heyblondieblog

Alarm blaring Mandisa's Good Morning happened at 2:50am! We made it to bed at 12:02am so needless to say we were tired.
Plane took off to Houston just before 6am. I got a little shut-eye. The kind where your eyes are closed but you can still hear everything around.
We landed in Honduras about 11 and Dagwood got to drive!!! We finally made it to the ranch at 6pm. We stopped along the way for lunch at a local restaurant. Rice, pork, macaroni salad, tortillas. It was good and we were hungry! Had a Fresca as well.
Driving was an adventure but Dagwood did great!
We are here now at the pasada about to eat dinner. Been a long day and we will sleep good tonight!
Will hopefully post again tmrw night.
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