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Travel Beyond

By Doulalovelou
Today is one of those days where I just have to force myself to travel beyond. Travel beyond the drama, the negativity, the warfare, and the ridiculousness of life. There comes a point in an introvert's life when you just have to drown out of the madness happening around you & really tune in to what matters.
Today, what matters is me. My sanity. My healthy. My peace of mind.
That may seems selfish to some, but after a week of more social interaction then I'm used to and a roommate drama session on the horizon, today just has to be a day about me.
Mainly because if I don't make it about me, then I might just scream at the next person I speak to. And that just wouldn't be pleasant. For anyone.
Me time is not something I need to apologize for, but occasionally I still feel guilty about it. Perhaps this is due to the Christian mentality of serving others & focusing on the things we're thankful for versus the things that are bothering us (which I fully support by the way). But to everything there is a season, right?
So I take that to mean that there needs to be seasons of putting ourselves before others. Because how are we to give, if we ourselves are empty? I think there should be no shame in self-care and no shame in saying "No. Not today. Today is about me."
I don't think this season will be long. I'm sure it may only last a day or two. But it's a day or two that I will relish because it is way past due. The longer I wait to focus on me, the longer the season of replenishing will last. I've learned that the hard way far too many times.
Today I travel beyond the silliness of worldly concerns & petty conversations and gleefully dive into a blissful sea of doing anything and everything that feels right, things that fills my spirit and make me happy. Maybe you should too!

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