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Transportation Design Master UMEA University

Posted on the 08 June 2011 by Luciano
Transportation Design Master UMEA University 
Dear friends,
last month I have been invited to two final transportation design exam sessions in two different schools: the first in Italy IAAD and the second in Sweden UMEA University.
The 2 Italian days experience at IAAD in Turin
InIAAD Turin based school I had the opportunity to make two conferences on Car Design Management, first day to entry level students and the second day to the last year students. It was a good opportunity to explane a lot of things about design studio organization, project planning and its importance, project management and design strategy. Students were very curious about the topics and many of them asked questions interacting during all lecture period.
We talked also about the importance of making a good professional portfolio and mini-book in order to present themselves for a job application.
First the content of a portfolio which is always the king! Good content good chances to get a job, this is clear to all. However there are still too many students that prepare a portfolio with an approximative quality. We also talked about the rithm of a portfolio which is the interest and emotions it can provoke looking at it. This aspect is strategic and students are not always aware of it!
Before leaving the school I also looked at some portfolios finding some interesting ones and naturally giving some tips and advices.
The 2 Swedesh days experience continue reading click: UMEA University experience

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