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Transition Your Favorite Summer Items into Fall

By Nextedition @nextedition1

Summer is coming to a close, and autumn is on the way. Before you know it, the leaves will be turning bright yellow and fiery red, and the weather will be cooling down. September is around the corner, and that means putting away your adorably breezy summer wardrobe. Or does it? 

Packing away half your wardrobe makes no sense at all. There are some easy ways to repurpose your wardrobe for the new season without spending any money. Transition your favorite summer clothes for the fall is easier than you think. With a few quick adjustments, you’re ready for classes to start again, apple picking, or just hanging out with friends!


Sundresses are one of summer’s most accessible staple pieces. You can wear them to the beach, to work, to lunch, and out at night. Because they are so versatile when the weather is hot, it’s no problem to make them fall appropriate. By adding a great pair of boots (riding-style boots are in right now), a colorful scarf, a structured jacket, and a pair of tights when it’s cold, you have a go-to outfit staple for the fall!


The seventies came back in a big way, with bell-bottom jeans, airy hair, and maxi dresses. Because a maxi dress goes to your feet, this is another great staple for fall. Just like with your sundress, adding a beautiful jacket on top and close-toed shoes will keep you warm when the weather cools. You could wear a slouchy sweater overtop for a more bohemian look. Maxi dresses also look great with practically any style of hat, so top it all off with a knitted beanie, newsboy cap, floppy sunhat, or furry trapper hat.


The shoes that are über-comfy and good for mankind have taken off in the last few years, and nearly everyone owns a pair of these cute shoes. If not, visit your closest Toms shoes retailer and get a pair! These not-quite-sandals, not-quite-shoes make for a great fall outfit. Instead of wearing them with shorts, pair them with skinny jeans, a light scarf, and a fall jacket for the perfect casual outfit. Wear it to class, and maintain that easy summer style even when the temperatures drop.


Every summer, this maritime trend comes back in style. Wide-stripe shirts abound, along with nautical jewelry like anchors and starfish. Wear this trend into the fall, without looking like you stumbled off the boardwalk by accident. Get rid of the white shorts you normally pair your shirt with, and wear a pair of cute khakis or olive pants, then top it with a cardigan or jacket. This pairs the striped shirt with the fall military trend, making you on point and interesting wherever you go.

Use these tips to extend your wardrobe into every season! Without spending any money, you can literally double your closet, and always manage to look beautiful and stylish.

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