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Transforming Thoughts

By Rodjonesartist

Transforming Thoughts
Size:30”x 40”x 1.5”
Medium:Oil On Canvas

Description:Many times our thoughts on the surface seem well defined almost regimented. We get up everyday with our schedules and commitments to our daily tasks. We are doing just what we are suppose to do…surviving in our world of uncertainty and potential chaos. But instead of just ticking the boxes and “surviving” if we just let go of our “have to do list” and concentrate on the fluidity of learning and life. A calmness and order seems to set in so you can achieve a sort of synchronicity to your life, instead of existing.In this painting the energetic squares at the top of the painting define our daily life. Loosely structured, full of intent and planning, but yet there is a constraint. We must fit everything into our structured day to achieve our goals. As you move down the painting there almost seems to be a “melting” of the squares occuring. It is not a disturbing “melting”, but one of becoming more cohesive. The fluidity represents the melding of our thoughts with our spirit in order to achieve synchronicity. This fluidity helps to achieve life’s full potential without the struggles of trying to fit everything into a box.

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