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Trans Beauty: Part Six

By Cnlester @cnlester

Good lord, it’s been a while – and now it’s January and cold and dark and revolting – the perfect time for something cheerful, right?

Now, this is a little awkward, because not only is Paris Lees my friend she’s also, on META occasions, my boss. But, without trying to be creepy (oh god, does this sound creepy?) – I don’t know a single person who hasn’t felt their heart flutter, just a little bit, when they first meet her – because that’s the definition of a bombshell, surely?

Photography by Rachel Saunders

Photography by Rachel Saunders

And yes, because this is the point of the series, she’s a bombshell in more than just a superficial way. When we first met I was super impressed by the way she managed to deal with trans issues in such a disarmingly humorous/relaxed/charming/sarcastic/sincere fashion – it didn’t leave opponents with any choice but to side with her, no matter how much they thought they were going to disagree. Being so open, being willing to take on the 101 questions in mainstream forums, and do it in a way that makes people laugh with her and get on side – we need more people like her, more role models like her. Role models who acknowledge how hard life is, what a struggle it is to get through – and admit that it’s okay to fuck up and try again, and to keep on fucking up and trying again until you get it right. Go read this, and then the rest of her blog and the articles it links to. Trust me – you’ll feel far more fabulous than you did before.

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