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Trampoline Buying Guide: Things You Should Know

By Barun K.

trampoline buying guide

Undoubtedly, buying a trampoline is one of the important family decisions. Just like, utmost care is taken while buying a car or your house, it is highly recommended that you make a well-informed decision while buying a trampoline too.

In this article, we will have a look at various factors – right from the trampoline size that would work best for you to the safety features and so on.

Before You Buy…

But, before you even think of buying, make sure that you have enough space to keep a trampoline. Here are a few factors:

  • Make sure that there is at least 24 feet clear overhead area
  • Horizontally, there should be a clear area of 6 feet that should be free from any obstacles
  • Ideally, you should plan to keep the trampoline on a level ground, preferably grass. This is because hard surface add stress to the frame, thus degrading the trampoline over time
  • The maximum allowable user weight is 400 pounds (in big size trampolines)
  • Do not overload the trampoline or you might end up damaging it

Things to Look For While Buying a Trampoline


Needless to say, size is an important criterion when it comes to choosing a trampoline. As a matter of fact, you can easily find trampolines in varied sizes.

Ask the following questions in order to find the right size that would be suitable for you:

  • Are you buying a trampoline for your kid?
  • Do you want a trampoline for a quick workout, and may be for burning calories?
  • Are your kids asking you to buy for them?
  • Do you plan to buy a trampoline for a family activity?

Once you find answers to all these questions, determining the right size of trampoline would become easier.

Here is an approximate size breakup of trampoline along with the diameter:

1. Small size

small size trampoline
These trampolines have a diameter between 3ft and 5ft. A 3ft trampoline is good for indoor purposes, while a 5ft trampoline is suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

Since these trampolines are small in size, they can handle a maximum weight between 55 and 100lbs.

Ideally, a small size trampoline is good for a single person, either kid or an adult, and requires minimal assembling.

Price range: Between $50 and $150

2. Medium size

medium size trampoline
A medium size trampoline is a trampoline with a diameter between 6ft and 8ft.

Such trampolines can easily handle weight between 200lbs and 250 lbs. and are suitable for 2-3 kids.

Owing to their size, these trampolines are suitable when kept outside, and come equipped with a safety enclosure as well.

Price range: Between $200 and $300

3. Large size

big size trampoline

These trampolines have a diameter between 10ft and 16ft and can withstand weight between 300lbs and 400lbs.

A large size trampoline is an ideal choice for 5-6 kids and 3-4 adults. Owing to their big size, these trampolines are only suitable for outdoor areas and come installed with a safety enclosure.

To make sure that your chosen trampoline is in line with the safety standards, it is highly recommended to make sure that it is TUV certified.

As a matter of fact, a small size trampoline works well if you want it for your kid, or for your morning workout. However, if you are looking for your kid’s gang, a medium size will work.

Additionally, if you are buying a trampoline for your family, it is highly recommended to buy big size trampoline.

A 10ft trampoline would work well for 3-4 kids, while 15-16ft trampoline would work well for 5-6 kids, and alternatively, 3-4 adults.

Price range: Between $400 and $800


In order to take a perfect decision, it is highly recommended that you first sit down and analyze the purpose you are buying a trampoline for.

It might be solely for recreational purposes, for fun in the yard and indoor, or you might need to get it for exercise and fitness purposes.

Thus, broadly, identify the purposes you need the trampoline for before beginning the search.


Thankfully, trampolines come in an array of shapes which make the entire process of buying a trampoline exciting and adventurous. After all, who won’t like to explore the different models and cool features?

  • Round

As a matter of fact, a round trampoline is so far the most common model, all thanks to its even spring distribution which makes it a lot more bouncy when compared to oval and rectangular models.

Further, a round trampoline will redirect you towards the center every time you jump, and thus proves to be one of the safest trampoline models.

Additionally, since round trampolines are most preferred, there is a huge demand in the market and the stiff competition between the companies ensure that you get the best quality at the lowest prices.

  • Oval

If you are planning to have an advanced use of trampoline at your home, an oval trampoline could be the best choice. This is because oval shape provides more room to perform neat trick right from back handstands to front flips.

Further, an oval trampoline is also a good option for teens and adults alike. However, the only drawback of an oval trampoline is that they do not have an even spring distribution and have a bit tougher landings.

  • Square

A square trampoline is more geared for advanced users who love to try new tricks. This model is more about fun and provides added space in the corners.

This trampoline is suitable for children, teens and adults alike. Further, since these are square in shape, they can fit easily in any corner of your yard.

  • Rectangular

A rectangular trampoline is the first choice of sports players, all thanks to their size. Since they provide more area, it is easy to perform tricks on them.

Further, a rectangular trampoline offers the even bounce throughout. This helps the sportsmen know that their training is working and it is not just the trampoline that is helping you reach the goals.


The material of your trampoline frame plays a vital role in determining its durability. It is highly recommended to get a galvanized or powder-coated steel frame.

This is because such a frame is not only durable but rust-resistant as well.

Weight capacity

Each trampoline has its own weight capacity, meaning a trampoline can only handle a certain weight at a time. For instance, making an adult jump on a small sized trampoline is only going to prove troublesome.

This is because a small sized trampoline can only handle 150 pounds of weight, which is way too less for an adult.

Thus, make sure that your chosen trampoline can withstand weight in line with your requirements.


Needless to say, the trampoline is all about the good bounce. Thus, make sure that your chosen trampoline is equipped with proper springs. This is because when springs stretch, your kinetic energy pushes the trampoline downward, thus, giving you a bounce.

Ensure that your trampoline is geared up with high-quality springs which won’t turn flat after a tad bit of use.


This is another important factor that must be looked upon. Ideally, a trampoline should require minimum assembling effort. However, when you are buying a large size trampoline, be prepared that you would need to invest efforts while assembling it.

Number of people allowed

Every trampoline comes with manufacturer’s instructions on how many people can jump on it effectively and safely. Make sure that you buy a trampoline accordingly.

Safety features

  • A safety bar (In small size)

A safety bar holds you in place while you jump. Further, it can also help you in performing typical exercises and tricks.

A safety bar comes in a range of shapes including single bar, T-shapes and double.

  • Enclosures (In medium and big size)

It is highly recommended that your chosen trampoline comes equipped with an enclosure. This is particularly because enclosure protects the users from any accidents.

  • Padding

Make sure that the padding of the trampoline is durable enough. This would prevent the users from getting injured. Additionally, make sure that the padding is UV protected. You might not require this feature if you have an indoor trampoline. However, if it is an outdoor unit. A UV protected padding will keep the colors like new and would not get damaged under the sun.

  • Weather cover

Weather cover is especially important if you have an outdoor unit. Such a cover would protect your trampoline from any weather changes, heat, and fluctuations in temperature.


You can get trampolines for as less as $50 and for as high as $1,500. In the end, it all sums to the features of the trampoline, the safety features, and other functionalities.

After You Buy…

  • Do not keep anything below the trampoline
  • Make sure that there is enough space around the perimeter of the trampoline before you start the action
  • Avoid wearing shoes while jumping
  • Do not jump on a wet trampoline
  • Make sure that trampoline is used by one user at a time

Over to You

Buying a trampoline undoubtedly would lighten the faces of your kids and other family members alike. However, a simple slip in safety can cost a lot.

Thus, make sure that your chosen trampoline model is safe in all aspects. Also, make sure that your kids have fun on the trampoline under an adult supervision.

We hope that this article would have helped you in making the right choice. Did we miss anything? Do share with us in the comments!

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