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Traitmarker: Kim the Riddler

Posted on the 10 April 2012 by Pomozone @pomozone
Kim has a great job that makes her good money. Her boss has just offered hera promotion that comes with a sizeable bonus, a generous pay raise, andincreased benefits, including a company car. All she has to do is sign thecontract tomorrow morning.
The only problem is that Kim is aRiddler. She is flattered at the chance of landing a promotion that she’s hintedand insinuated should be hers these last fourteen years. She’s always dreamedof being in middle management, because her secret desire to start her own businessbattles her insecurity about the ins and outs of management. 

Kim has actually beenhaving a hard time getting to sleep lately, because she is excited about hernew venture but nervous that something might derail it. She’s been buying bookson management and picking the brains of friends who are in management.  Honestly, she seems interested in little else. The prospect of signing away the next five years of her life hasn’t evenregistered with her yet. She knows what she wants and is intent to get it, evenif it sabotages her detailed strategy for the next five years. Her obsessionwith securing this middle management position puts her in danger of beingcontent with the same job five years from now. Why does she have to be so obsessed?

According to traitMarker, Kim has over 18 different ways to use themanagement position, should she get it. Right now, Kim’s dominant strain has aone-track mind that is effectively blocking the supportive and reserve strainsof her traitMark. 

She isn’t even thinking about whether or not her promotion willadvance her in the company long terms or relate to an actual business she isconsidering. That’s because Kim’s dominant tendency turns a simple infatuationinto a life work. Kim is probably going to be stuck in middle management forthe rest of her career if she doesn’t find a greater purpose for taking thatmiddle management position.

Kim needs help. She can get it. For $19.99.

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