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Traitmarker: Karen the Guardian

Posted on the 10 April 2012 by Pomozone @pomozone
Karen has agreat job that makes her good money. Her boss has just offered her a promotionthat comes with a sizeable bonus, a generous pay raise, and increased benefits,including a company car. All she has to do is sign the contract tomorrowmorning.
The only problem is that Karen is a Guardian. For fourteen years she hassecretly despised upper management for not having promoted her long ago. She’swarned her colleagues and her boss about hiring a succession of managers whoended up bungling the job, resulting in a high turnover. She could have done theirwork in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the salary, and she stillwould have come out on top. She doesn’t think she would like to go intobusiness for herself, but she certainly could run a company with someone else’smoney. 

Karen has actually struggled with bitterness and cynicism up until now.Now she’s eager to get the job, because she knows exactly what departmentsshe’s going to downsize and which employees she’s going to give a pink slip. Signinga five-year contract would give her enough time to get the company on the righttrack and (who knows?) make herself the new CEO. Hers is not the only life thatis going to change in twelve hours: her coworkers don’t even know what’s goingto hit them. Why does Karen have to be sorigid?

According to traitMarker, Karen has over 18 different ways to make adecision in her best interest. Right now, Karen’s dominant strain is fightingthe supportive and reserve strains of her traitMark. 

Notice that Karen hasn’tthought about improving the lives of employees or necessarily safeguarding theinterests of the company, because Karen’s dominant tendency focuses uponrunning life like an efficient machine. If she doesn’t change, she’s probably going to polarize her colleagues,intimidate the CEO, and exasperate the board. Karen needs help. She can get it. For $19.99.

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