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Train Bleu Paris WHAT Did You DO!!

By Coreyamaro

Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!

Le Train Bleu in Paris is one of my most favorite places. You and I could go there, sit down and I could tell you at least 50 stories about experiences I have had there. Okay, sure I talk alot. Share I could weave 50 stories out of a single thread. Well anyway, I have told a few stories of Le Train Bleu on my blog. Le Train Bleu is like a home away from home sort of place for me. I have been going there for the last 27 years: Nearly each and every time I went from Marseille to Paris, or Paris to Marseille... It was the in between heart of two homes. The changing point between two worlds. It reminded me of two different times: Now and then.

Now it has changed.

I have changed.

Change is rarely easy.

Recently, Le Train Bleu went through a renovation. I was worried. More like sad, you know the feeling when you want something to stay the same... but you cannot do anything about it so you cringe inside and wish for the best. I guess you could say I felt like a mother taking her baby in for his first haircut: A haircut makes a baby appear grown up. 


The first thing I noticed was that the lace curtains had been removed. I knew they would. It was okay, I could live without the lace curtains, the open windows bring in light and that extraordinary Parisian view. I was worried the old wooden revolving door would have been removed, thankfully it stayed. The horrible blue fluorescent light that stood as the sign for Le Train Bleu has been changed and I was glad for it. The new sign is an improvement.

I appreciate the hardwork, the day and night hours and hours it took the many talented people to do all that they did to restore the things that needed to be done. It was an amazing undertaking (if you would like to see more follow this link and the other ones highlighted in blue.)

Though the design of the "Big Ben Bar Area" is disappointing.

Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!

The side rooms on the left side needed help, I must admit. But this? I know I know it is the new hip thing to make modern and old mix, and often it does and looks refreshingly interesting and good. I get that the designers were trying to go with a new kind of Orient Express look...

I don't like it because it looks pale compared to the richness of the other rooms, too plain, too... I-don't-like-it-period.

Maybe in a McDonald's because in France McDonald's look like this new renovation. Don't get me wrong the Macdo (McDonald's) in Europe are pretty amazing, very stylish, like the new rooms in Le Train Bleu but better.

Look at this Macdo if you don't believe me.

But inside Le Train Bleu?

Seriously this is the best you could do?

I could have done that and I am not trained, nor experienced, so my opinion doesn't matter, but really!!


The deep cranberry upholstery, rugs and ottomans were removed.

Cranberry lends to golden, autumn, Belle Epoque, "Crimson".

But since Le Train Bleu has the word Blue in it the designers I suppose went with


As in cold.

As in contrast to warm and golden.

And such an ackward blue it is.

Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!

I loved the old cracked worn leather oversized red ottomans that use to be in Le Train Bleu. I feared that they would not be renovated due to cost, or replaced.

Seriously, out of all the beautiful armchairs in the world, these were the ones selected? Whoever picked these armchairs had to do so without EVER seeing the inside of Le Train Bleu, or wanted to make a sick joke of a statement.

And these blue space ship armchairs were added.


There I said it.

Oh lovely French by Design... why do things have to change?

Don't answer that.

Sitting rooms Le Train Bleu Paris

My favorite room.

Is gone.

Well not completely... if I look straight up and ignore the freshly painted walls and everything down from the ceiling.

Repainted, with those space ship chairs.

I nearly cried.

At least the glorious textiled ceiling piece remained thank you.


Sure I can go to Le Train Bleu and look up. 

At least the ceiling didn't change.

The zinc bar did.

The moldings have been restored.

The floor too.

An overhaul.

Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!

But why this look?



Anywhere but Le Train Bleu.


I am sorry to offend the person who created/designed this room. It isn't bad if it weren't in Le Train Bleu. 

Hot chocolate at the Le Train Bleu in Paris

I suppose in the next twenty seven years I might grow use to it.

But I doubt it.

I wish I were dreaming about the renovation. I wish it wasn't a reality.

I wished I had take a million more photos over the years.

LE train bleu ottoman bar

The Big Ben Bar

Photo source via Flicker 

Poof gone.

Le train bleu photo source

Photo source via Une Russe a Paris

Poof gone.

And I won't even mentioned the renovation of the bathrooms.

I knew they would renovate the bathrooms. I knew it.

The new bathrooms are new. And that is all I can say.

And the old bathroom will never be.

Ever again.

Just like the wonderful crimson red ottomans, and button backed benches along the dining room tables.

Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!

The way it is.

All clean, and blue, and new, and well...

I am sorry that I don't like it.

I am.

Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!
Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!
Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!
Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!
Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!
Train Bleu Paris WHAT did you DO!!

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