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Train 666

By Rpanichelli @Richie_Pan
As I was coming home from work last night, later than usual, it was quite the spectacle on the subway. Coming from the El (Market-Frankford Line) I was on my way to the City Hall stop to catch the southbound train. After waiting for about five minutes the train slowly approached. As the door opened, I saw an older lady pouring salt all over the floor on the second train car. The salt almost covered about half of the car. I wasn’t sure what happened prior, but it appeared as though two younger kids may have been harassing her (it could have easily been the other way around though, but probably not). The lady continued to pour salt as into her shopping bags.

As I got on the train car this lady was mumbling things to herself. The doors closed. Before the train began to move, those meddling kids punched through the window of the car. Crack! Luckily no one was hurt. At the next stop (Walnut-Locust) everyone had to get off the train due to this cracked window. However, before the people started to exit the train car, this lady started to scream, “Train 666! 666! It was those kids!”  I thought this lady was possibly religious or spiritual.

When I finally got off the train, the actual train car number was 666. This can’t be good. Right. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the next train was delayed for close to 15 minutes. This is just another SEPTA Story.Train 666
Train 666

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