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Trailer Time! – Windfall & This Means War

Posted on the 25 January 2012 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Round Three folks and this time I got a couple of trailer I want to highlight, even though they are close to being released in theaters.  On the offering plate today, Windfall, which apparently tells about the dark side of Wind Technology ( IS NOTHING SAFE ANYMORE)!?  The last trailer is a bromance if I have ever seen one, This Means War.  Hey it even has a release date of Feb. 14th, you can take your favorite bro to see this!


Honestly, even wind turbines have a dark side to them.  I can’t even fathom living in a world where every fucking thing is out to get you.  All knee-jerk reaction aside, this documentary actually brings up a good point about the pursuit of Green Technology.  It’s one thing to want to turn green and pursue clean energy resources, but it’s another to turn a blind eye to what that pursuit means for everyone.  Windfall looks to give some clarity to the debate about Wind farms and their placement within  a community.  While green energy is a fantastic idea, there hasn’t been a lot of insight into the environmental effects of the windmills as we usually dismiss them because, hey it’s green technology.  I certainly find the aspect of the focusing on the community of people that have to deal with the windmills and what they think about having a giant, massive windmill sitting in their backyard.

This Means War:

You know, I realize that this is a fairly bro-ish movie, but damn if it doesn’t look entertaining.  I like the aspect of having a suedo, Spy vs. Spy movie and having both Tom Hardy and Chris Pine together on screen seems like a good mix.  Hell, this movie is being released on Valentines day so you can take your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife or even your favorite bro to this movie.  It’s a safe bet!


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