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Traffic's up at New Savanna

Posted on the 27 January 2017 by Bbenzon @bbenzon
Lately I've been noticing an increase in traffic at New Savanna. Most days I get over 1000 hits and some days its 3000 or 4000. Here's traffic for the last seek:
week 12-27-17
Notice the regular spiking. Here's the traffic for the past month:
month 12-27-17
Yuu see fairly steady activity from the end of December though the first two weeks of January, then it goes up, though the increase is rather spiky. Here's all-time traffic:
all-time 12-27-17
We see a rise up through late September 2013 and then it holds steady up until this January.
What's going on? When I look at hits for individual posts I notice that the photo posts seem to be getting more action, 100 to 400 or 500 hits or more in a week or two whereas the other posts seem to be 150 or loess over the same period of time.
It'll be interesting to see how the year works out.

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