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Traditional Marketing Platforms That Are Still Relevant Today

By Waxgirl333 @waxgirl333

TelevisionI recently came across a really good article by Rohan Ayyar, contributor author to Entrepreneur, about “old school” marketing channels that still serve a purpose in our increasingly digital world. It underscores the true value of integrated marketing. Even when digital marketing seems poised to completely overtake traditional marketing methods within the next few years, some tried-and-true platforms, like PR, are as relevant as ever. In fact, by mixing up your marketing strategy to include both traditional and digital channels, you can create complementary relationships between channels that boost the signal of your message and your brand. It’s not all about old vs. new, it’s about finding a way to make the old and the new work together.

Rohan writes:

In the last few years, digital marketing has given traditional marketing platforms a run for its money.

Marketing budgets once heavily skewed toward traditional media are moving online. Ecommerce is booming, brands are opening up stores on Facebook, social commerce is rising, mobile commerce is getting hotter. The digital juggernaut seems ready to flatten out the old guard and take over marketing as a whole.

According to a study by ThinkVine, 25% of senior level marketers report that digital has already overtaken traditional media in their marketing budgets. About 55% of them believe that this transition will take place in a matter of two to five years.

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