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Traditional Family Photos?

By Prettylittleinspirations @SweetMomentsCap
Traditional Family Photos?When taking family photos with a large family you can't always do the traditional family pictures.For example, the family fireplace photo...Traditional Family Photos?We need a bigger fireplace...
So like any large family would do, we built a pyramid!Traditional Family Photos?The boys weren't too happy about the idea. Except for Chris (far right) Haha!Traditional Family Photos?Maybe large families don't usually build pyramids for family pictures but when you have 3 girls who cheered and saw logs laying around, we couldn't pass up the opportunity.Then of course we took a normal family photo... with dogs everywhere.Traditional Family Photos?
"Behind the Scenes" Teaching the boys what to do!Traditional Family Photos?
Traditional Family Photos?I think next year we should do a real pyramid ;)Traditional Family Photos?
Traditional Family Photos?Traditional Family Photos?Traditional Family Photos?Traditional Family Photos?Traditional Family Photos?

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