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Traditional Bamboo Fence Ideas

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Traditional Bamboo Fence Ideas - Bamboo is a woody, fast-growing grass sprouts in long, straight poles. It is an inexpensive and durable material widely used in Asia and is becoming increasingly popular in America. Bamboo can make in its natural form textured fences or cut flattened uniform screens. His strength, attractiveness and low cost make bamboo an excellent material for backyard fence.

Traditional Bamboo Fence Ideas

Traditional bamboo fence ideas using geometric measures of the various elements to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Some traditional bamboo fences are too widely spaced to create workable privacy fences, but all traditional fences make for a sturdy and attractive border. The Kenninji gate is a panel-style fence, consisting of vertical slats of green bamboo Culm attached to (the articulated hollow stem of a grass or other plant) in order to create an attractive texture pattern. The whole fence is built on a solid grid, making it very durable. It makes for good privacy fence around your garden.

Next traditional bamboo fence ideas, The Ryoanji gate is a low, open design is perfect for the coating of a garden walkway. Thick bamboo rails along the top and bottom connected by a decorative pattern of cross slats. The whole fence is fixed rails and can be used as a handrail along a walkway. The Otsu fence is another open-garden design. It consists of a horizontal bamboo sticks with vertical blades and woven in a pleasant, crisscross pattern which transmits light.

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