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Tractor Fest 2015 at Newby Hall

By Catty212
Set in the beautiful grounds of Newby Hall in Ripon, North Yorkshire, Tractor Fest is a huge gathering of tractor enthusiasts, a wide array of engines and various stalls selling tractor related goodies.
When we heard about Tractor Fest at Newby Hall I knew we had to visit. The little man is completely obsessed with tackata's (tractors to you and me). In fact, anything he sees that has wheels is a a tractor in his mind.
Tickets cost £10 for hubby and I and the little man was free as he was under 4.
Tractor Fest 2015 at Newby Hallchild with red tractor at Tractor Fest Newby Hall child and dad with tractor engines at Tractor Fest Newby Hall As well as various tractors there were also engine exhibitions. They were extremely noisy and not really my thing but the little man and Hubby were very impressed. grumpy child with a tractor at Tractor Fest Newby Hall The little man, despite this ridiculously miserable face loved Tractor Fest, he ran round gawping and shouting at all the tractors and completely wore himself out. Classic old fashioned tractor at Tractor Fest Newby Hall huge blue tractor at Tractor Fest Newby Hall There was literally every kind of tractor you could imagine, big ones, small ones, enormous ones, silver ones, black ones, literally every kind you can think of. I hadn't realised tractors came in so many different shapes and sizes. row of tractors at Tractor Fest Newby Hall The £10 also included entry into the grounds of Newby Hall but not the hall itself. As it was warm and sunny we were happy enough with just the gardens and weren't fussed that we couldn't go inside. direction sign at Newby Hall The gardens are really beautiful and despite the fact it was a busy day we were able to wander round without constantly bumping into people. We were able to roam round the lush green gardens, looking at the pretty flowers and listening to the birds sing, it was a lovely peaceful day.child playing with a tractor at Newby Hall tiny hands playing with flowers at Newby Hall child playing with water fountain at Newby Hall There's a nice little play area for children with sand and a nearby water feature which you can run through and play in. Next to that is the miniature railway, it costs £2 for everyone aged over 2 and is a surprisingly long journey. We loved the winding journey through the grounds and little man loved laughing at the tooting horn. Miniature railway and trains at Newby Hall Stone tortoise at Newby Hall Orange wild flowers at Newby Hall The flowers were absolutely stunning during out visit. I could have wandered looking at them all day. Grand manor house at Newby Hall Tractor Fest 2015 at Newby HallWe really enjoyed our day at Tractor Fest and Newby Hall. The weather was great, there was plenty to do and the grounds were beautiful. We've already made plans to return later this month. 
I would recommend taking your own food though, the food in the restaurant at Newby Hall although nice was pretty expensive and it would easily end up being an expensive day out if you have a large family.

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