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Town Council Prayer Ruling

Posted on the 10 February 2012 by Mikeb302000
Despite being a christian Nation and having an official religion, the British Court of Ap has ruled that the Bideford Town Council is violating the law by requiring prayer during a town council meeting!
Mr Justice Ouseley ruled the prayers were not lawful under section 111 of the Local Government Act 1972; However, he pointed out that prayers could be said as long as councillors were not formally summoned to attend.
Mr Justice Ouseley ruled the prayers as practised by Bideford Town Council had been unlawful because there was no statutory power permitting them to continue.
The NSS, which said prayers had no place in "a secular environment concerned with civic business", argued the "inappropriate" ritual breached articles 9 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protect an individual's right to freedom of conscience and not to face discrimination.
Now, why can the US get it's act together as a truly secular society.

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