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Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
Tourism is a surprisingly large part of the London economy, so I always try to be helpful and friendly to tourists so that they go back to their country and tell their family and friends how nice the natives are (ha!).
So what I often do is to ask the person taking a picture of their companion(s) whether they'd like to get in the shot and I'll take the picture of the whole group, which most tourists like (I don't look like the sort of person who'd run off with their camera/mobile phone, so they usually say 'yes').
[It's always nice when you're a tourist somewhere and somebody offers to do it for you, although they usually forget that if there is a church spire or something in the background, they are supposed to shift the camera angle so that it appears to be growing out of somebody's head. Or that's what is says you should do in all the books.]
Anyway, on the way home, I espied an old Chinese guy taking a picture of his wife in front of some London landmark or other, and as is my wont, was just about to ask him when I noticed that his wife (who had had her back to me thus far) was wearing a full face mask, a bit like this:Tourists
That wouldn't have been so bad, but she was wearing a wide brimmed hat and had the collar of her nondescript anorak pulled up as well.
Dude WTF? How was he even sure it was his wife? When he proudly shows the folks back home his holiday snaps, how will they know it was his wife?
Or maybe they were taking stock photos for poor Chinese people who can't afford to go on holiday in London but would like to pretend they have done.
Who knows..?

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