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Touring Intan Museum

By Chaayen
I woke up at 9am to go to a museum. Unbelievable but so very true. I am sure many of have heard of the Peranakan Museum. But what about Intan (Meaning Rose-Cut Diamond)?So Intan, in my opinion is an immersive museum, where the owner actually stays in the "museum" itself. All the displayed items are his collection. Comparatively to the museums we all know, there are no boards of information. Just ask the owner, Alvin anything!Touring Intan MuseumHouses are not huge (bigger than Hong Kong but still smaller than our neighboring countries). You will be surprised how packed Intan is. There is something in every corner and a photo in everything. One thing I really like about the tour was it was very homey and relaxing. You could pose questions without feeling small or stupid.Because the place isn't very big, each tour last about an hour or so. In case you are wondering, my photos are only of the first level. (And there's so much to explore already). The second floor is more of a treasure trove of beaded works. Touring Intan MuseumI would really suggest readers like you to give it a go. Imagine sitting in those exhibits and getting to touch them! It is so damn awesome. It is like truly walking into the 60s. Perhaps one thing would have made the whole a lot more interesting was if we had gotten a chance to try out the traditional costumes.Another highlight of the get to taste handmade traditional kueh. Quite honestly, I preferred the Kuehs at Begawan Solo. Cos handmade Kueh are like the healthy version and my taste buds prefer things that are more diabetic. Goodness me!Touring Intan MuseumUnfortunately as this is a sponsored tour, I am not sure of the price. I have linked the musuem so you can actually contact them yourself if you are interested. I am likely to bring my own group there next time. So you can favorite this site for updates in the meanwhile.There is a new post on another museum coming real soon. So stay tune if you are more into the traditional museums. :D

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