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Touch | 1x03 | Safety in Numbers | Review

By Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
Touch | 1x03 | Safety in Numbers | Review Watching the intro for the series it's like watching Discovery Channel, only much better, much brighter, more meaningful. As we learned the last time our lives are more connected more than we think, numbers, patterns and ratios are the ones that in a manner rule our lives.
We are all connected, the numbers describe a path we were chosen to follow, in which we meet different people with different outcomes, some of them might hurt us, some of them might give us comfort, only the numbers can tell us who and what part are they going to play in our lives, but reading, listening to the numbers is not for everyone, unfortunately, but little guys such as Jake may have what it takes to teach us all that life is not only complicated but fascinating too, and he'll help us read the numbers.
These are the numbers whose significance Martin must figure out. While Jake's fate and life meaning seams pretty clear, his father asks himself, is chasing numbers all he can do for his son ?
As we watch the episode we discover that Jake is far from being the only one with such mysterious abilities as Martin rushed to help a woman hit by a taxi saw a man taking a notepad from woman's purse which moment later tells us that it actually belongs to him. All the non-sense that the homeless man told us soon become not so non-sense after all, every illogical become logical, every tale become life.
Some people are in need for help and 3287 may hold in the key for their salvation 'cause from what it seems it's pretty serious, their lives hang in by a thread.
Towards the end of the episode it hit me the real magic, the episode was filled with sweet moments, and we got some memorable lessons, that people are predisposed to carrying only some of us choose not to.
And it's good to know the series has some long-term plot lines, the Japanese girls that keep popping up once in a while, the cell-phone with the video about the future-to-be rising star and many more.
I got my lesson and I'm sure you'll get yours, you should give it a chance.
Next Thursday ...
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