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Totally Gutted

By Evette Garside @evette77

For once a post about myself and perhaps a rant.

I have been feeling low for a while. My long term partner left 8 weeks ago to stay at his mums. Apparently we wasn't getting on - which is true in parts and apparently I also told him to go- again true!

Anyway I thought a little break may do us good, despite being a little upset. How wrong could I be.

I had suspicions he was cheating. He added some barmaid on facebook who works in his local pub and I immediately got suspicious but he said nothing was going on and like a fool I believed.

Yesterday thanks to my impressive tech skills I discover he was cheating for months. Messages and kisses and sordid details from dates we were together.

Gutted, so gutted and annoyed and angry and upset. He's my 2 year olds dad or meant to be so how can he do this to both me and her. I mean what have I done wrong to be treated like total crap?

My heart is broken n I just don't feel good at all. Last Saturday my daughter Keira should be 4 years old but instead she died at 10 hours old and Monday 13th April will be 4 years since we buried her.

Feeling so depressed. Love my 3 babies so much but so wish I could be happy.

Sorry for the rant!

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