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Tortoise and The Hare ( Relish The Challenge 5 )

By Aliasgarmukhtiar
Tortoise and The Hare ( Relish The Challenge 5 ) ( Clicked by Mohammed M)

This is my 5th Post in the series Relish The Challenge. . I hope these guys give me the prize as i have never written so much in my whole life , not even for my exams . On a serious note since this campaign began and my initial reluctance to write as i was not comfortable with writing and making a fool of myself but the constant coaxing of my wife that i should give it a go. Now i am seriously enjoying writing so whatever the outcome of this contest is at least i can write now in my own way and style .

 I have already overcome my challenge of writing .Yay.

Now to the post , years back when i was in school a movie came by the name of Katha , one of the reasons i watched  it was that my Vice principal had a small cameo role in it. It was actually based in a Chawl  with the usual stuff and humor , there was an Hare and Tortoise reference through out the movie comparing both the lead heroes dealing with their day to day life and in the end the actor who was refereed as the Tortoise character gets the girl .That was the moral of the story .

That time i found it very illogical maybe because of my young age and that reasoning of a Tortoise winning against the Hare in the end.  At the Present moment when i will be touching 40 next month i feel the Tortoise had to win eventually. He deserved it because of his patience , perseverance and honesty.

My biggest challenge towards me is that in the present race of the Hares in abundance around me i find myself as the Tortoise and sometimes i don't want to change that too since i know that eventually i will cross the finish line in my own style, so what if its after some more time. The basic idea is to enjoy the walk , the ride of life slowly and savour each moment of Life. Laugh more and meet people , make friends , enjoy cultures and traditions along the way .......Basically being Alive is awesome ..... Isn't it ? 
The Challenge i face also is to give my son the knowledge to be a better human, educated and self reliant and most importantly be more compassionate towards the lesser privileged and be honest towards others , missing in abundance nowadays . 

The need of the hour is this ........

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