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Torch Song

By Lwblog @londonwalks
Fiona writes... The opening ceremony captured the moment, the sports were engrossing and the closing ceremony has divided opinions. But from the glorious lighting of the flame to its slow graceful descent and death on Sunday, no one has said a bad word about about Thomas Heatherwick's cauldron.
Or have they? 
The only complaint I've heard is that it didn't stick out the top of the stadium, to be enjoyed throughout the park. I wish they had lit a few extra stems, that could then have been distributed around the venues, a little flame burning bright for all the competitors to see. But the cauldron itself was a delight, and the explanation that it can be dismantled so each nation can take home a permanent souvenir is typical of the rigourous thought process underpinning great design at the Heatherwick Studio.

This Saturday's South Kensington walk not only takes in his old stamping ground at the Royal College of Art. We also end at the V & A. Perfect timing for a spot of lunch, and a visit to their temporary exhibition celebrating the designs of Heatherwick. The B of the Bang, the seed pod for the Expo and the new London Routemaster bus, all "demonstrating the pure joy of creating 3D forms". Come and join in the enjoyment.

South Kensington station, beyond the barriers, 10.45a.m.
Oh and we explore Albertopolis, home of the Great Exhibition as well.


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