Business Magazine is It a UDRP Waiting to Happen?

Posted on the 18 July 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains dropped and was caught by DropCatch, the auction is already at $4,150.

Now most people know the Top Chef brand as a tv show on Bravo.

Bravo and others have many live trademarks on the term “Top Chef”

These range from entertainment services, caps, aprons and hats, video discs and many more categories.

The domain name was registered in 2003 and looks to have had one owner who moved around from Australia to Florida to New Zealand.

The site had many looks over the years: is it a UDRP waiting to happen?
2008 is it a UDRP waiting to happen?
2012 is it a UDRP waiting to happen?

In 2017 the domain started redirecting to a Facebook page.

In 2018 it seems that the owner was having some health problems and was accepting offers over $10,000 for the domain name.

Bravo does run a website on and there is a

Bravo never seemed to go after when the previous owner had the domain, most likely because it predated the show. First episode date: March 8, 2006, Domain registered 2003.

The new owner might not be as lucky.

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