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Top Wedding Theme Trends for 2011

By Weddingblog2011

If you want a wedding that sticks with the current trends but you are struggling for ideas, check out these top wedding theme trends for 2011.

If you are struggling with choosing your wedding theme, the top wedding theme trends for 2011 can help you get started. While you may still want to put your own spin or twist on them, they can at least give you the trendy edge you are looking for and provide you with a stylish starting point as you continue planning. Just keep in mind that your theme will determine all of the purchases you make for your wedding, so make sure it’s a theme you can live with– and invest in!


Stripes are considered one of the most popular top wedding theme trends for 2011. Brides with all different budgets from all different locations are being inspired by the versatility and chic looks that stripes can add to the wedding. Everything from striped invitations and striped wedding cakes are starting to surface with this fun wedding theme trend.


Flowers are nothing new in the bridal realm, but they are also one of the top wedding theme trends for 2011. This classic wedding theme has been around for decades and is definitely a classic that will never fade, but trends are emerging that utilize extremely colorful flowers and bold floral designs. Flowers are also starting to become the center of the stage instead of just a complement. The cake is no longer the only item that carries a floral look. Flowers are popping up on the bride’s dress, in the reception dishes, and even the wedding favors.


Yes, even monograms have made the list for the top wedding theme trends for 2011. This goes well beyond simply accenting your invitations with your initials. Everything from the ribbon on the bouquets, the wedding favors, and much more can be monogrammed. What’s best about this theme is its versatility. It can work for a formal wedding, an informal wedding, a contemporary wedding, or even a casual occasion. That’s what makes monograms a favorite on the list of the top wedding theme trends for 2011.

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