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Top Twelve: “Happy” Hockey, Happy Canada, (Happy Donuts)

By Jimmydonuts
Last week I asked co-workers about earworms. “Happy,” someone said, but the song gets too much airplay.

Top Twelve: “Happy” Hockey, Happy Canada, (Happy Donuts)

AMHL Tuesday Champs: The Penguins

Never heard of it.
But now that I’ve listened to Pharrell Williams’s hit, the song has stuck itself to my psyche and has prompted my fingers to Google the heck out of “Happy,” hockey, Canada (and donuts). The investigation spawned these personal reflections about gratitude, so I present—may sound unreal what I’m ‘bout to reveal—these Top Twelve “Happy” highlights:
1.   Team Italy Sledge Hockey: They could complain about their missing limbs but instead have chosen to be “Happy.”2.   Happy in Kelowna: Happy (and a hockey player) beats hate. 3.   The Happy Donut: Free Fritter Friday makes me smile like the blue-eyed donut logo. Myrtle Creek, Oregon is on my to-donut list.4.   Happy Hockey in Hingham (MA): An eleven-or twelve-year old, awarded a penalty shot, juked the goalie—and himself. The goalie flopped, and the skater toppled before the latter could shoot. As the forlorn youth skated to his bench, an opponent skated behind him and offered encouragement or empathy or some “Happy” thought. At least I hope that’s what happened. 5.   Happy for Can-Am Connection # 1: Our friends from PEI, attending the Hingham hockey tournament, paid for dinner. Good times talking about hockey and (lemon) donuts.6.   Bruins vs. Canadiens: I’m happy that Shawn Thornton accepted P. K. Subban’s apology.7.   Happy in Montreal: McGillstudents go overboard in Underground City.8.   Happy in Halifax: The patients and staff at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre find their “Happy” place. I especially enjoyed the Hula-Hoopers.9.   Happy to read about St. Andrews, NB in the Boston Globe: See you, St. Andrews—the safe house, Niger Reef and Honeybeans, in six weeks.10.Happy Youth Hockey: Jay Atkinson’s piece in the Boston GlobeMagazine highlights the need for more fun, less fighting for a scholarship.11.Happy for Can-Am Connection #2: The AMHL Photographer and I will return to Montreal next weekend. Round Two between the Bruins and Canadiens will be over, but Puckbite and I will still be friends.12. AMHL Championship: Happy to hear that Tim Cook won his first-ever AMHL championship as a goalie, leading his Penguins to a 3–2 victory over the Leafs. 13.(Baker’s Dozen) Happy to be writing: Not so much on this site as I’m writing offline to rebuild Seamus J. O’Sheehan’s Castle.

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