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Top Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day Wedding

By Weddingblog2011

So you've planned a gorgeous Valentine's Day wedding! Now you're just waiting to make sure every detail comes together to create the perfect day for you and your future spouse. With the following tips, you can do more to ensure that your Valentine's Day wedding is a huge success!

For Outdoor Weddings

If you're planning an outdoor Valentine's Day wedding, roll up soft blankets and tie ribbons around them for wedding favors. This is a perfect idea because in many areas, it's still quite chilly on Valentine's Day - so you can make sure your guests are warm and take care of your wedding favor needs all with one super neat idea.

Plan an Early Wedding

Because Valentine's Day is special for most couples, planning an evening ceremony or reception could be a disaster. Most couples want to celebrate and most do it during the evening. By planning an early ceremony and reception, you can ensure that everyone gets out in time to celebrate on their own...and minimize the chances of couples not showing up.

Valentine's Photo Booth

Create a super cute Valentine's Day themed photo booth where guests can take pictures. Couples will have a lot of fun creating fun and sentimental photos and you can send each couple a picture of themselves when you send the thank-you cards!

Love Songs

Make sure your DJ knows to play plenty of love songs, or make your entire playlist out of love songs. The couples at your wedding are sure to hear their song, and will enjoy the reception even more!

By using these tips, you can be sure your guests are comfortable and are having a fantastic time - therefore making sure your wedding is a great success!

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