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Top Three Things You Will Enjoy with German Language

By Tlb

Is German language really a funny language to learn? Well, basically it is! Just like any other foreign languages, German language has its own funny side. When you get to learn German language, you will encounter lots of funny things, and the lists below are just few of the various things that make German language a funny and enjoyable language to learn.


Everyone loves to sing. Whether this could be the latest hits or the songs in the past, everybody will grab the chance to listen to these songs and feel its beat. That is why songs are also good factors in making German language learning funny. Just like this video below. I’m sure, you will enjoy watching this!

YouTube Preview Image

Comments in this video are expressive in saying that this song’s German version is better than the English one. Do you agree?


Before I comment, I’d like to post this video first. Thinking of it alone just makes me burst to laughter. I know, for sure, you will laugh as well!

YouTube Preview Image

Commentators in this video insist that the language used in this video is actually Dutch, and not German; is it or is it not? But the truth, I don’t really matter whether it’s German or not-German at all. As long as it compels me to get interested to learn German language because of this funny commercial. Are you?


YouTube Preview Image

Cute, isn’t it? The song the “mother” is singing is actually a Christmas song. It was probably recorded during their Christmas dinner, and it was a moment the up loader wants to remember during the incident.

Recording such funny German language experiences is really hilarious, especially when you are in the process of really learning it for real. Often, we get too anxious with it, but thinking what we’re going to become makes us think such mistakes can work something for good. We’ll just laugh at it and it’s really a good experience to recall.

See how amazing German language is? What are you waiting for? Learn German at language school and get inspired.

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