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Top Three #Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach Worth the Trip

By Golfforbeginners
If you have visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on previous golf vacations, chances are you have heard of, or played, one or more of the three Mystical Golf Courses within fifteen minutes of the Coast. With over one-hundred golf courses to choose from, here are a few reasons why the Witch, Wizard and Man O'War are definitely worth a trip to the Beach!
Survival is the name of the game on the three Mystical Golf Courses:

The Season of The Witch

Although the trifecta of Witch, Wizard and Man O'War are mystical, there is an eerie ambiance as you drive your golf cart along the creaky wooden plank paths on this eighteen hole maze through the natural beauty of marsh and forestry compelling you to move strategically onward.
The Witch Golf CourseAlthough The Witch website states, "There's nothing scary about The Witch", golf blogger Andy Reistetter thinks otherwise, "witnessing the wildlife and scenic insights into the surrounding marshes will definitely cast a spell over you."
Challenging doglegs and safe landings are the name of the game at The Witch and placement should be safe or your golf ball may be engulfed by water (or maybe by an alligator...).
I plan to play a round of golf on The Witch this Halloween, enough said.

Off to See The Wizard

In a previous golf blog about Mystical Golf, I mentioned that the Wizard requires, "thought in ball placement as the second cut of rough was deep."
The Wizard Golf Course
Yes, this is a links course but there are elevation changes as well. According to, "More than 1 million cubic yards of dirt were moved to form this layout of gently rolling hills and berms." The Wizard is in amazing shape, the greens roll fast and the course is basically humbling due to the wind and the elements.
If you think this is an easy course because of online reviews you might have read, think again. The Wizard will conjure its spell upon you.

Man O'War - Ready for Battle

Man O' War is designed for the golfer who thinks about the shot before stepping up to the ball. A Golf Digest 4-Star course with beautiful atmosphere with challenging wind and water captures your ball on the ninth hole island green and throughout the round. If you like a course with personality, stunning views, immaculate fairways and greens... which bites back, this is a must-play during your stay.
Man O War Golf Course
All three Dan Maples golf courses are in prime condition, the wind and pin placement should be considered and the greens are fast and require that you roll more than just a few on the practice putting green to get your speed and line.

Myrtle Beach Revelry

Since we attend this golf writers tournament in Myrtle Beach every year, there is also a bit of revelry in addition to playing golf on these three amazing courses. We were last off the tee on day one of The Witch, so we didn't make the yearly excursion to the fabulous Alabama Theater to see the production of "One" a family-themed show which was top-notch, fun and patriotic.
We did have dinner at the River City Cafe, eating up delicious burgers at their Surfside Beach location along with a beautiful view. The wonderful buffet spreads by Sea Mist Resort were delectable, from the salmon on toast points to the most delicious roast beef I had eaten in years.
Thank you once again for your hospitality Claude Pardue and Mystical Golf, Sea Mist Resort and to all the folks in Myrtle Beach who always say, "Welcome to the Beach" and mean it!

Man O War Golf Course 18th

Stacy Captures the Flag at Man O War Golf Course!

And, to the three golf courses which put my team in the middle of the pack, as MacArthur stated, "I came through and I Shall Return". I will be better prepared and ready for battle next year.
Have you played golf at The Witch, Wizard or Man O'War? Share your thoughts on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and at the bottom of this golf blog!
photo credit:, Golf for Beginners

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