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Top Tennis Fixation Posts Ever!

By Kselz @TennisFixation
Top Tennis Fixation Posts Ever!It's the end of year and I thought this was a good time to go back over ALL of the Tennis Fixation posts (not just those from 2011) and to pick out a few that I think would be great to see again. These are the posts that are my all-time favorite favorite TF posts. Some of them received a lot of comments (which means you guys like them too). Some of them give useful tennis tips that can vastly improve your game and match play. And a few of them, well, I just like them for some vague reason (good enough excuse for putting them on the list).
So here they are - what I consider to be the Top Tennis Fixation Posts Ever! They come from all three years worth of TF posts and I can promise you, they're all worth revisiting if you want to improve your tennis game! To view one of these in its entirety, just click on the title and you'll be linked to the post.
* Are You The Tennis Partner No One Wants To Play With? - a quick overview of the "bad" partners we all dread and how to deal with them, I love this one because I spent so much time coming up with the names of these terrible partners - like "Bossy Betty" and "Negative Nora"
* Why Are You Losing To Weaker Opponents? - some great tips for dealing with this horrible situation that we've all been in
* Really Easy Doubles Strategies - these are strategies that you can successfully use in every doubles match you play
* One Minute To Better Tennis - when nothing seems to be going your way in a match, here are a few tips that take no more than a minute and can vastly improve your game
* Quick Tennis Tip: Time To Restring - no matter how great of a player you are, worn strings can ruin your game, this tip tells you how to know when to change those strings
* Tennis Team Party & Gifts: "Perfect Serve" Cookies - well, this cookie-in-a-jar I made for my tennis team was just too cute to not look at again, especially since these cookies were guaranteed to give you a perfect serve
* Keeping A Personal Cheat Sheet - everyone should have a "cheat sheet" full of personalized tips and strategies to look over before a match, here's how to put one together
* A New Tennis Racquet: Part 6 - I Finally Buy A Racquet! - this post links you to the whole series I posted on how to select a new racquet that's just right for you
* The Rubberband Vibration Dampener - this is one of the most popular posts on Tennis Fixation, it gives you the instructions for putting a rubberband vibration dampener on your racquet so you'll look just as cool as Andre Agassi
* Let's Get Real - How Many Calories Can I Burn Playing Tennis? - another popular post, my in-depth "scientific" analysis of the true calorie burn that can be achieved in singles and in doubles
* Eenie, Meenie, Miney - Tennis Coach! - tells you how to select a coach and is part of a series (with links) on how to get the most from your tennis lessons
* 10 Quick And Easy Fixes For The Lazy Player - not that you or I are lazy, but here's some easy ways to improve your game with minimal effort
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