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Top Tea # 11: It’s My Bag, Man (Part Two)

By Lwblog @londonwalks

Top Tea # 11: It’s My Bag, Man (Part Two) What's the time, Mister Wolf? Teatime…

Adam Writes… 

Part two of my teabag-on-a-string recommendation. So what’s my excuse this time?
It’s the cakes, dammit. The cakes!
The list of blue things that I would happily put in my mouth is a very short list indeed.
But at the top is the lurid blue icing at Candy Cakes on Monmouth Street.
Top Tea # 11: It’s My Bag, Man (Part Two)
It’s all in the colours at Candy Cakes. The restful retro green backdrop – may I call it Jolly Avocado? – is spiced with the wild patterns and colours of the tabletops. Good coffee and tea – Earl Grey for me again, Twinings once more – and, a personal fave this, they play BBC Radio 6 Music and when I was in last Friday they had Tom Waits on at full blast.
Tom Waits and Earl Grey tea: if you have yet to try the combination, is a mindblower.
Always a nice welcome, too. I love Candy Cakes. Weird thing happens in there, though. My trousers seem to get smaller at the waist. Hmmmm.
Candy Cakes 36 Monmouth Street Covent Garden London WC2 H 9HB
Adam is a London Walks guide and Editor of The Daily Constitutional. His On the Road – Jack Kerouac in London walk goes this Saturday 13th October from Embankment Station at 10:45a.m. It ends at the door of an establishment where you can get a good cup of coffee, a quite good cup of tea, and where Jack Kerouac himself once enjoyed a pint of bitter and a Welsh Rarebit. View a short trailer for the walk HERE.

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