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Top Handle Bags…

By Prettylittlemrs @PrettyLittleMrs

Top handle bags…A month or so ago we were walking through the mall when my husband randomly declares that he “Cannot wait until those ‘strap-across-the-chest purses‘ go out of style.” It’s not every day that he makes a declaration about women’s fashion, so I quickly looked around to see what evoked this statement. And then I see it, a busty woman coming at us with a strap cutting her cleavage right in half—and that was when I realized as comfortable as they may be, these straps are not doing us any favors—busty or not. So it is with great pleasure that I declare the Top Handle Bag my new favorite (and if that’s not convincing enough, flip to page 164 of December’s InStyle).  Oh, and Josh, I’ll happily replace all of my “strap-across-the-chest purses” with any of these little beauties. Today’s Inspiration: Timeless & True Bag ($198.00), Bold Strokes Satchel ($120.00), Rancher Tote ($448.00). None of the A-Glove ($54.99), Grey, Yarn Old! Mittens ($42.99), Diamonds & Pearls Gloves ($39.99).

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