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Top Four (4) Wordpress Social Plugin You Should Have

Posted on the 25 December 2012 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Social plugins helps websites a lot in terms of promotion and quick share, putting a share button to your blog simply means that you want your readers to recommend you to friends after reading – that is, if the post is informative.

wordpress social plugin

We have different and many social plugins that are great on blogs but we are just going to be discussing the great ones that are actually helpful and also very useful for all blogs. Since today is Christmas, we are going to make it as classy as ever and I’ll love for your participation to take place on this issue at hand. Let’s check out the top plug-in that are shaking the ground now, shall we?



Share this:

I love the share this plugin and the wonders the plugin performs, I love it that much that’s why I put it at the number one spot. The share this plugin is being used by millions of bloggers across the world which tells you that share this plugin is not a tool to joke with.

Are you asking why I love the share this plug-in? I love it because aside from the sharing it delivers, it enables you to track the shares that occur when a user copies and pastes your website’s URL or content, it also keep track of where your content is being shared on the web, from Facebook, Twitter to emails, etc.

Sexy bookmarks:

Sharing is always caring don’t you think! This is one plugin I will always salute to because the design is so classy and it makes any blog more beautiful. Shareaholic is one of the best social plugins around – that is after share this **lol**. Shareaholic is being used by millions of bloggers and it has proven effective.

Why do I like shareaholic? Sexy bookmarks or shareaholic has a recommendation widget which is good for the reduction of bounce rate and tend to make your readers stick around for a longer time. It has almost anything you can think of a social plugin.

Sketch Bookmarks:

Sketch bookmarks is also one of my favorite and the reason a like it is because of the simple look it carries. A sketched icons or should I say a handmade design that looks slicky slick and very good on blogs

I am using it on my blog and the reason is because it is simple on the eyes and it is also catchy. The best part of it all, sketch bookmarks plug-in is mobile friendly and if you’re using mobilepress as your mobile theme, you have more reason to love the plugin.

Xhach – my twitter:

Are you trying to get more twitter followers? Then why not try out Xhach – my twitter plugin? Xhach – my twitter plug-in shows your latest tweets, replies on your blog and it also gives member to explore and if like, they’ll follow you. This plugin helps build your twitter base by getting more followers.

You can easily customize the plugin to suit your needs, change the default logo and many much more. Hey! I will advice every blogger to get this plugin to his or her blog because it’s just so awesome. Now you got more ways to boost your twitter followers and expand your reach.


Do I left out the awesome social plugin you’re using? Then why not tell us by using the comment box below. Ow and if you’d like to drop a comment or thought then also use the comment box below. Remember that your comments are very important to us.

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