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Top Five Helpful French Phrases for Tourists

By Tlb
Je ne parle pas Français

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Have you been interested to go to a French-speaking country? One of the challenging yet enjoyable things you will be doing while staying abroad is to actually learn its language—even its basics. Do you know that is also important to learn French even if you will be staying for a little while?

Enlisted below are the top helpful French phrases for tourists that are greatly important. Take a browse.

  1. Excuse me (Excusez –moi.)

When you get to a foreign French country, from time to time you will need to approach someone. That is why being polite is a mandate basically if you are a visitor. You don’t need to be reminded that good manners are most valued at any culture. So for you to be responded accordingly, you have to make an effort of being polite.

  1. Please (S’il vous plait.)

Since you are a visitor in a foreign country, you will definitely need more than a favor while traveling. With this regard, you are in need of asking things gently. Besides, being gentle by saying please makes the one you are asking to win you win favor.

  1. Thank you (Merci)

After saying excuse me and please by asking favors, since you are getting favors from them, wouldn’t it be nice to respond such kindness with a sincere thank you? Learning its French meaning is maintaining kindness. You can apply this anywhere while staying in French-speaking countries. Whether you are in a hotel or in a museum, saying “thank you” in French language marks courtesy to the people.

  1. I don’t speak French (Je ne parle pas francais)

Since you are a tourist, you are “exempted” to really utter French language fluently. It’s ok if you don’t speak French. Clarify that from the beginning. Save yourself from incomprehensible speeches. When you say this, residences will use simple French or even speak your language to make the conversation a lot easier.

  1. Can you write that, please? (Pouvez-vous l’ecrire s’il vous plait)

There will come some instances that you will need to ask for directions, a phone number, a name, and others. To make it simpler for your part in getting the information that you practically need, you might need it to be written. If written, you are assured that you got it right. That’s why you have to have a pen and paper with you at all times.

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