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Top Five Functionalities of CReader Professional

By Smadison

Top Five Functionalities of CReader ProfessionalCars need a good amount of nutrients to live on, and fuel is indispensable for its proper maintenance. Fuels keep cars' lives healthy and lengthy and remain highly productive. But the cars can encounter some issues which have to be solved by the aid of auto diagnostic tools for solving the issues, faulty codes, and battery problems. The CReader Professional is the handheld diagnostic tool that is used for detecting and reporting the cause behind the faults encountered by the vehicle.

The C-Readers is the modern, updated hardware and software, thereby proving itself as the perfect diagnostic tool in the present-day market. Along with the compact design as well as the complete colour screen, the CReader Professional can be used easily. One can even understand as it is not at all burdensome.

The CReader works perfectly with every vehicle as it is compliant with the European On-Board Diagnostic (EOBD) or On-Board Diagnostic II (OBDII), which is the petrol vehicle manufactured from 2001 and the diesel produced from 2004.

This diagnostic tool amalgamates the ideal features of the code scanners as well as the professional mid-line scan tools. It can open up the entire diagnostics that can be further improved through enhanced data streams for Transmission and Engine, Antilock Braking System (ABS), and Software Requirement Specification (SRS). All these features are available across a huge range of car makes and models.

Top Five Functionalities of CReader Professional

Let us look into the five most common functionalities of CReader Professional.

Oil reset service is the foremost functionality. Whenever the engine oil is changed, then it is wise to reset the oil service reminder. This feature helps maintain the oil life consistency as well as its condition. The CReader Professional can carry it out. Hence, oil reminder micro-computer service light switches on to remind the car owner about its replacement.

The diagnostic tool has the capability to clearing and deleting the faulty codes detected in the SAS, and it can even reset the Steering Angle Sensor Calibrations.

For the modern vehicle brands having Electric Park Brakes (EPB), these diagnostic tools well perform the EPB service functionalities, similar to the expensive diagnostic scanner as withheld by the car dealerships. CReader Professional is a vital tool in the workshop services as using it, the mechanics can perform professional brake jobs.

iv. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Service

This diagnostic tool takes care of the tire sensor IDs from the car's Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It even performs the TPMS programming, and the tool helps reset the procedures right after the replacement of the tire sensors.

v. Adapting the Throttle

CReader Professional has the ability to initializing the throttle actuators to the default state to regulate the throttle or the ideal engine operations with accuracy.

Possessing all sorts of operational abilities of a traditional Active Roll Stabilisation (ARS)/ Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), the CReader Professional is perfect for a range of functionalities like the coverages for European, Asian and American cars and the apt ability for scanning transmissions.

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