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Top Five Friday: My Five Favourite Climate Change Documentary Films #FridayFive

By Pawsforreaction @PawsForReaction
Top Five Friday: My five favorite documentaries about climate change

Top Five Friday: My five favorite climate change documentary films #FridayFive

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Happy Friday! Since July is Wild About Wildlife Month, I'm going to steal Top Five Friday away from my dogs and give it back to the environment. Biodiversity is so important when it comes to maintaining a healthy and thriving wildlife population. Unfortunately, climate change is having a devastating effect on biodiversity. As a result, there has been an increase in endangered species. That's why I'm sharing my top five documentaries about climate change and the environment. It was really hard to put these in order and I'm still very conflicted. But one thing I know for sure is that they are all worth a watch- and a share!

Top Five Friday: My five favorite climate change documentary films #FridayFive
5. Before the Flood

This film is probably best known as the 'Leonardo Dicaprio climate change movie.' Before the Flood is so much more than that, and I think the A-list appearances detract from the data and the film doesn't get the credit it deserves. This movie takes the viewer on a trip around the world to look at the effects climate change is having on communities and the environment. It also shines a light on the power of lobbyists and political stronghold on science. Climate denial is the biggest barrier we face against being able to use the real-world sustainable solutions that already exist. This film helps uncover the sad truth about the political system and how it is preventing our society from moving forward toward a sustainable future. 

Top Five Friday: My five favorite climate change documentary films #FridayFive

4. Chasing Coral

You can't make a climate change documentary list without a film about ocean acidification. In Chasing Coral, a team of divers, photographers, and scientists dive in to uncover why coral reefs around the world are vanishing. This underwater adventure captures the beauty of the world's oceans. That's what makes the mass coral bleaching events so depressing. The imagery is stunning but the subject matter will make you want to sign some petitions and contact your local MP. What is happening to the ocean and marine life is unacceptable.
Our oceans contribute to a balanced ecosystem, and if the ocean is polluted then the repercussions of this will spill out onto the rest of the planet.

Top Five Friday: My five favorite climate change documentary films #FridayFive

3. 2040

This is the newest documentary on this list. I watched it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. This documentary is more hopeful than most global warming films. Damon Gameau wants to show his daughter how society can create a cleaner, greener planet by the year 2040. What makes this film special is that he only looks at real-world solutions that we are using today. Some of the solutions I was already familiar with. Some of them surprised me. There are some underdeveloped nations and communities doing incredibly advanced and innovative things to protect our planet. It is nice to see some hopeful options that could bring about a brighter future.

Top Five Friday: My five favorite climate change documentary films #FridayFive

2. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

As a Climate Reality Project Leader, I was really excited for this movie to be released. It was released shortly after my leadership training in Colorado. An Inconvenient Truth was a very compelling, data-driven film. Truth to Power did an amazing job of adding a human face to the data and devastation of climate change. While the first film brought climate change into the mainstream, the sequel calls for an energy revolution- and climate action. Former Vice President Al Gore is an incredible speaker, I know this first hand. The goal of the film is to persuade world leaders to invest in green energy and defund non-renewables. This documentary covers a lot of ground, looking at droughts, flooding, forest fires, and large scale natural disasters- all of which are directly impacted by climate change.

Top Five Friday: My five favorite climate change documentary films #FridayFive

1. Cowspiracy

You would think that since I'm a Climate Reality Project Leader, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power would land first place in this list. I'm a little conflicted about my choice. However, Cowspiracy is an eye-opening, unique take on one of the biggest drivers of greenhouse gas emissions: animal agriculture, what this film calls The Sustainability Secret. When we think of climate change, we think of too many cars on the road, too much plastic production, and overuse of oil and natural gas. We don't often think of the impact animal agriculture has on the environment and how it contributes to deforestation, pollution, waste runoff, methane emissions, land and water use, soil degradation, and species extinction. A simple diet change; moving to vegan, vegetarian, or meat-reduced, can have a positive impact on the environment. Have you watched any of these films? Leave a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Five Friday: Favourite Climate Change Documentary Films #FridayFive

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Top Five Friday: My five favorite climate change documentary films #FridayFive

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